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Description of the structural features of the solvent-free compound machine

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The main structure of the solvent-free compounding machine includes: two unwinding devices, one rewinding device, solvent-free adhesive coating device, compounding device and a set of solvent-free glue supplying device.

Solvent-free compound machine

Since no drying tunnel is required, the size of the solvent-free compound machine is about 4790x2180x2910mm, the structure is compact and convenient, and the operating power consumption is only 16kw.

The solvent-free compounding machine adopts a floating rubber transfer roller, which is easy to replace. The rubber transfer roller of the solvent-free compound machine is a specially formulated rubber roller with a certain hardness.

Solvent-free compound machine

The proprietary flexible connection device keeps the rubber transfer roller in the designed floating position during operation, which can not only eliminate the phenomenon of atomization, but also reduce the heat generated by friction. In order to meet the process requirements, the precise automatic temperature control device is within the required range. Inside.

A single cylinder separates the solvent-free laminator from the other rolls for easy cleaning when the solvent-free laminator equipment is shut down. When changing different coating widths, the changeover takes only a short time. Another advanced form of dancer rollers is the sleeve design that is based on configuration requirements.
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