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What are the advantages of a solvent-free compound machine?

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The compound glue of the solvent-free compound machine is AB glue. At present, the composite structure of solvent-free composite machine is mostly thin layer composite thick layer, and aluminum plating composite, aluminum foil composite, and paper-plastic composite do not have good operability.

Solvent-free compound machine

Solvent-free is characterized by two-liquid reactive glue, no solvent volatilization, no need to worry about solvent residue, which is greatly affected by temperature. The operability of the glue is generally only about 20 minutes, and the requirements for tension control and winding taper are relatively high. In the paper feeding part, the sheet-fed gravure printing machine is a stack-type sheet-fed continuous feeding, and the web-fed gravure printing machine is continuous feeding with a web. In the printing section, the arrangement of the plate cylinder and the impression cylinder is vertical, horizontal and inclined, and the plate cylinder is arranged below. Typically, each unit has one plate cylinder and one impression cylinder. In order to increase the printing pressure, some are equipped with two impression cylinders.

Solvent-free compound machine

The technical advantages of the solvent-free laminating machine are obvious, but as long as it is practically applied, the advantages of the solvent-free laminating machine's low cost and high efficiency of gluing can be exerted. Find the right entry point, reduce risk and reduce unnecessary losses through a step-by-step approach of "sample-small batch production-normal process batch production". Don't let too many "failed experiences" form a "consensus", and finally introduce solvent-free composite equipment but fail to put it into practical use.
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